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So, probably most of the people who read this journal know that I'm on the spectrum. I'm what's called a "high-functioning autist", in the sense that I have a college degree and a job and am capable, more or less, of living independently. On my good days, I can fake normal fairly well; this is actually not that unusual among women on the spectrum, whose autism tends to manifest slightly differently and who, I suspect, are subject to much more intense pressure than men to be social and emotionally aware.

I'm also very intelligent. This is not a brag; it hasn't been especially useful over the course of my life. The term they use is 'Gifted'. In practical terms, in my own life, it has meant that I process and understand information very quickly; it also means that I became extremely lazy when it came to school, because I could get very good grades with virtually no effort. I graduated high-school entirely on the merit of my test scores; my senior year, I turned in almost no homework in any of my classes. I was a little better in college and grad school, because I was paying for it, but it wasn't exactly hard to maintain straight A's.

The point of all of this is that I understand pretty well what it feels like, from the inside, to be a highly intelligent person with no social skills. And it irritates the shit out of me how these people--characters, really--get worshiped by fandom. Yes, I get that you identify with Sherlock because he may be autistic. That doesn't change the fact that he is a complete asshole, an unkind, unreliable, self-destructive liar who manipulates and verbally abuses the people he calls his friends.

Look, if you totally identify with Sherlock because you're a Gifted autistic person and you're just sooooo much smarter than everyone else, fine. But when you say shit like "It makes me feel so alone and hurt when people say that Sherlock is an awful person, because I can totally see where he's coming from and his bluntness is a very autistic trait and also he is smarter than everyone and why are NT people so meeeeean..."

If you treat people the way Sherlock treats people, you're a complete asshole, too. Being autistic is not an excuse to be an abusive shit to the people around you. Being 'blunt' is not the same thing as being deliberately and consistently unkind. Having a high IQ does not make you 'better' than the people around you in any more meaningful a way than being beautiful would. It's not something you worked for, and if you use your intelligence as a bludgeon against the people you dislike or disagree with or simply don't want to listen to, you're not a misunderstood genius--you're a bully.

tl;dr, being smart doesn't always make you right.

The end.
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