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2037-08-02 03:38 am
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Fic Master Post

6/22/13: I haven't updated this post in at least a year, and I have no real plans to do so in the near future, but I'm leaving this up just in case anyone actually uses it. Fic is tagged in this journal, and everything other than comment-fic is on my AO3 page. Older fic is still up on FF.Net.

Fic Masterlist )

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2037-08-02 03:38 am
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Master Fic Post

I guess I have enough fic on this journal to warrant one of these, right?

I've blocked the warnings on these links so that anyone who doesn't want spoilers for the stories can avoid them. Highlight to read. Also, my most recent fic (ie, everything on this journal, and the less-embarrassing fic from my profile) is available on my account here.

Supernatural )

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2016-06-20 08:01 am

H/C Bingo!

So, hey, here's a thing!

pandemics and epidemics hospital stay falling surgery depression
hostages rape / non-con forgiveness bodyguards body image issues
torture panic attacks WILD CARD hypothermia dystopia
nervous breakdown loss of job / income arena eating disorders mistaken identity
tyranny / rebellion assault touch-starved electrocution shipwrecked
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2015-05-17 03:26 pm

never been a sinner

Title: never been a sinner
Fandom: Guardians of the Galaxy
Rating: R
Warnings: Sexual coercion, humiliation, Peter Quill’s fucked up ideas about chivalry.
Pairings: Peter Quill/OMCs
Summary: Negotiation is Peter’s specialty.

It’s not the greatest situation Peter’s ever been in, that’s for sure. To be fair, it’s also not the worst, but considering that the worst involved being literally disintegrated by a cosmic relic of unspeakable power, that’s setting the bar pretty low. )
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2015-03-11 10:06 am

Five People on the Enterprise Who Slept with Jim Kirk and One Who Hasn't (Yet)

Title: Five People on the Enterprise Who Slept with Jim Kirk, and One Who Hasn’t (Yet)
Fandom: Star Trek: Alternate Original Series
Pairings: Kirk/Gaila, Kirk/Spock/Uhura, Kirk/Sulu, Kirk/Scotty, Kirk/McCoy
Warnings: Dub-con of the sex-pollen variety, spoilers for Into Darkness, dubious techno-babble.
Rating: R
Summary: What it says on the tin. Kirk sleeps around a lot. Everyone pretty much just enjoys it. (or, the one where Kirk is a giant slut and nobody minds very much at all)

No one has approached her, though she can smell arousal on the pheremone-thick air, until James Kirk flops into the seat next to her, smiling bright and easy, and offers to buy her a drink. )

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2014-08-28 11:11 am

a heart worth breaking

Title: a heart worth breaking
Fandom: MCU
Pairing: Pepper/Natasha, background Pepper/Tony
Warnings: Vague spoilers for Iron Man 3 and Captain America: The Winter Soldier.
Rating: PG
Summary: Pepper might not be much good at this superhero business, but she’s pretty good at picking up the pieces afterward. Written for this prompt on [ profile] avengerkink.

Pepper lets herself in and closes the door quietly behind her. The shades are drawn, the air silent and still. It smells faintly of potpourri and dust. )
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2014-07-02 02:57 pm

On a Steel Horse

Title: On a Steel Horse
Pairing: Gen
Rating: PG
Fandoms: Supernatural; Sparrow Hill Road (Seanan McGuire)
Warnings: Character death, sort of.
Summary: Rose Marshall is called to an accident near Buckley, and what she finds there is strange even for a road ghost who’s seen it all.

It’s already too late by the time I rise up through the layers of twilight to the crossroads that called me. The big car is little more than a twisted heap of scrap metal, the smell of burning antifreeze overpowering the fading scent of lilies on the evening breeze. )
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2013-09-22 04:01 pm

A short snippet of I don't even know what.


Usually, he can assume the age he looks, sink into the bones and flesh of this too-young body and pretend--even to himself--that he’s nothing more than what he seems, that time still holds sway over him, that he hasn’t lived a lifetime past what's written into his skin.

He looks thirty-five, and he is, more or less. He could work out his exact age if he bothered to do the math, but measuring the time he’s spent on earth seems kind of pointless these days. Sam didn’t get that the first time around, but after the Cage, he’s caught on.

(sometimes Dean looks at Sam and he doesn’t see his baby brother, the too-tall, too-tired, tough soldier kid that he’s managed to raise; sometimes he looks at Sam and all he can see is Hell, decades of it, a whole goddamn century of it, and he wonders if cutting Sam’s throat while he sleeps wouldn’t be the kinder option after all.

and he doesn’t do it, he can’t do it, but he doesn’t know if that’s sanity or selfishness)

They don’t celebrate birthdays anymore.
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2013-07-05 12:14 am

don't want no secret agent

Title: don’t want no secret agent
Pairing: Hardison/Eliot
Rating: R
Warnings: None
Summary: Eliot breaks into Hardison’s apartment and cooks for him. It probably counts as romance, for them. Post-ep of sorts for The Order 23 Job.

A/N: So, I was trying to do a character study, but somehow everyone ended up naked instead. And then fluff happened. IDEK.

When Alec gets out of the shower the night after the hospital job, Eliot is in his kitchen chopping onions. )
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2013-06-29 07:03 pm

a hundred miles down that road

Title: a hundred miles down that road
Pairing: Gen
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Violent references
Summary: Two former assassins have a quiet drink together. Or, Eliot Spencer and Natasha Romanoff knew each other back in the day, but that doesn’t make them friends.

The hotel room is situated in a blind corner across from the stairwell. )
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2013-06-24 03:54 pm

waking up to ash and dust

Title: waking up to ash and dust
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Violence, serious injury, PTSD
Pairing: Eliot/Hardison/Parker
Summary: Eliot doesn’t like hospitals. There are a few different reasons for that.

When it happens it happens fast, scraps of thunder echoing off the steel-plated hallways in awkward harmony to Eliot’s sudden footsteps, to Alec’s own startled grunt as a hard shoulder heaves him out of the way, to the sick wet sound of impact. )
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2013-06-22 04:44 pm

Dog Watch

Title: Dog Watch
Pairing: Gen; background Spock/Uhura
Rating: PG
Warnings: None
Summary: Spock attempts an apology. Kirk isn’t having any of it. Missing moments from the 2009 Star Trek film, and the beginnings of a friendship.

A/N: So, I've finally popped my Star Trek cherry. This is my first time writing any of these characters, so please be gentle. :) Also, as a note, 'Dog watch', in naval parlance, is a split work shift between 16:00 and 20:00, or 4:00 PM 8:00 PM. It is (supposedly) named because Sirius, the 'Dog Star', is the first star to become visible during that time. Accounts vary on whether or not this is actually true.

It is 19:00 hours ship-time before he can convince Nyota to retire from her post on the command deck. )
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2013-02-21 11:48 pm

a little piece of this dream

Title: a little piece of this dream
Pairing: Morgan/Reid
Rating: PG
Warnings: PTSD, very vague mentions of child sexual abuse and drug abuse
Summary: They're both a little messed up.

Derek freaks out sometimes. )
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2013-01-15 12:11 pm
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On employment

The most frustrating thing about looking for a job, especially for someone with my personality and skill set, is the necessity of full-scale dishonesty regarding abilities and personal character.

Just once, I wish I could write a completely honest cover letter:

Over-educated antisocial drunk seeks gainful employment. Lacks interpersonal skills, organizational skills, problem-solving skills, patience, tact, and initiative. Functions best in a constant state of crisis and deals well with being screamed at.

Clearly, I should have skipped college and become a prison guard.
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2013-01-13 09:19 pm
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(no subject)

Have just started watching Buffy (Yeah, I know. Shut up.). Am amused by how much effort seems to go into making Alyson Hannigan and Nicholas Brendon look dorky and unattractive.

Unsuccessfully, I might add.
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2013-01-08 11:44 pm
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On tinhats

It says something about SPN fandom, I think, that my first reaction to seeing the announcement on SuperWiki that Jensen and Danneel are having a baby was to check Fandom Wank to see if the tinhat drama had turned up there yet.

Of course it had.

I'm just...I don't even know if amused is the right word anymore. I'm baffled, and frankly creeped out, by the serious investment these people have in a couple of B-list celebrities that they don't know and will probably never meet. The fetishizing of homosexuality (but only when it involves famous pretty men!), the threats of forcible outing in 'revenge' (for...marrying women and reproducing, apparently), the gross misogyny toward all of the women involved, it's just so incredibly depressing and sad.

The fact that these people think they're WARRIORS FOR EQUALITY is just topping on the cupcake. Especially since, as afaik, most of them are straight women. It's like, seriously, I do not need you guys on my side.
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2013-01-05 10:04 pm
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In which I rant.

What is it with people and insults?

I mean, there are plenty of insults out there that don't have gross implications or links to the historical (or current) oppression of one group or another. It's not like you have to give up using insults for all time. You might just have to crack open a dictionary and, IDK, give two or three seconds of thought to what you say before you actually say it.

But I'm seriously so fucking sick of the argument that being justifiably pissed off gives you the right to say whatever the hell crosses your mind without regard to who might be hurt by it. Being a woman doesn't give me the right to use racial or homophobic slurs, even if I'm justifiably angry about misogynistic behavior. Being a queer woman doesn't give me the right to say that morons should be forcibly sterilized, even if I'm justifiably pissed off about homophobic behavior.

Why? Here's why. Forcible sterilization is an actual thing that has actually happened in this country in living memory. 'Morons' were among the targets of these eugenics programs.

Say 'I wish bigots wouldn't have kids', and I'm right there with you, but that's not the same thing. And maybe it was just poor word choice; so what? It's poor word choice when somebody says, 'Our team got raped in the playoffs.' It's poor word choice when someone says, 'That shirt is so gay.' That doesn't make either of these things okay to say. Words fucking mean things.