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I guess I have enough fic on this journal to warrant one of these, right?

I've blocked the warnings on these links so that anyone who doesn't want spoilers for the stories can avoid them. Highlight to read. Also, my most recent fic (ie, everything on this journal, and the less-embarrassing fic from my profile) is available on my account here.


Some ugly facts about life on the road.
Warnings: Non-explicit mention of underage prostitution.

Life is a Highway
Sam and Dean meet an old acquaintance on a lonely stretch of road.
Warnings: Mentions of child abuse and attempted non-con.
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

Dean rises.

The Universe in My Arms
In which Dean keeps his promise. 5.03 missing moment. Dean/Castiel.

Cursed 'Verse
Sam tangles with some witches, and the fallout is expensive.
Warnings: Mentions of non-con, incest, angst, and bad language.
What I've Known
In Restless Dreams
But the Fighter Still Remains

No Dark Sarcasm
Dean's never liked to play, but that's just because he's shy. Dean/Alastair.
Warnings: Torture, dark themes.

Devil's in the House
In which Sam hustles pool to pay for his textbooks, and an unexpected opponent turns up. Outsider POV.

When You're a Stranger
After the convention, Damien and Barnes get themselves into trouble and end up learning more about hunting than they ever wanted to know. Damien/Barnes, Dean/Castiel
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Epilogue

To Be a Rock

Afterward, the world moves on, scars heal, and Sam and Dean do what they do. Sam/OFC, Dean/Castiel.
Warnings: Mention of character death.

Always Be a Good Boy
Dean has a practical streak. Sometimes Sam thinks he takes it a little too far. Missing moments from Folsom Prison Blues.
Warnings: Sexual harassment, adult themes. Nothing too explicit.

Down From Your Fences
John's made a lot of mistakes, he knows, and he's not sure whether this is redemption or his final damnation. Pre-series.

the dream is my reality
This is their life now. A brief coda to 5.11, no spoilers.

The Beast in your Head
Mary doesn't really remember, but she also can't forget. Coda to 5.13, contains spoilers through that episode.

Heart Securely Bound
Dee takes care of business, and Sam takes care of her sister. Or, some issues the Winchester brothers never had to worry about that the Winchester sisters might have.
Warnings: Abortion

sometimes it's a good hurt
Loving a Winchester girl isn't always easy. Two brief fics from the POV's of two women who tried. Girl!Dean/Cassie, girl!Sam/Jess.

Just a Shot Away
September 18, 2009. Dean celebrates an anniversary, of sorts. Outside POV, Dean/OFC.
Warnings: Sex, angst, references to domestic abuse. Takes place early S5, but no specific spoilers for that season.

Half of the Time We're Gone
Dean and Lisa, after. Very short coda to the season 5 finale.

Chances Thrown
They need the money.
Warnings: underage prostitution.

We Drank a Thousand Times
(Master Post)
They meet in a bar fight in North Carolina when Dean is nineteen, broke, and desperate, then again when a hunt brings the Winchesters into town a few years later. Neither one of them ever puts a name to it but every once in a while, through the years, Dean finds his way back. Written for the SPN/J2 Big Bang 2010. Dean/OMC.
Warnings: Mentions of hate crimes and homophobia, non-explicit references to rape (not involving a canon character), original character death, references to underage prostitution.

all the stars i've loved

Legends all have to start somewhere. Future-fic, drabble.

Arms that Chain Us
Trapped on the wrong side of the veil, Sam and Dean do what they have to to get out alive. Sam/Dean.
Warnings: Incest, dub-con (fuck-or-die), uncomfortable realizations, angst.

Tramps Like Us
Dean, adjusting to the apple pie life. Dean/Lisa.

one foot on the platform
Sam, on the road.

Turn the Page
The Winchester brothers reunite.

and give no warning to her flight

Dean and Ben, the night Dean hits the road.

just a soul whose intentions are good

Dean and Lisa, after You Can't Handle the Truth. Drabble-ish.

Monsters We Have Been

Sam thinks most hunters end up like this, if they survive. Future-fic, not very happy.

To Hide in Death Awhile
Sam, Death, and second chances.

Dean, dreams, and Fate. S1, drabble-ish

heaven, to keep its beauty

Dean talks to angels. Sam reads Dante and eavesdrops. Nothing is really resolved. Spoilers through 6.07, Dean/Castiel.

Comment Fics

December 30, 2009

Prompt: Supernatural, Castiel/Dean or Gabriel/Sam, sleeping with him might be a mistake but its worth it. For [ profile] kijikun.

January 2, 2010
Prompt: SPN, John Winchester, He turns around and his boys are all grown. For [ profile] corelle .

January 6, 2010
Prompt: SPN, Sam/Gabriel or Dean/Castiel, angels are possessive and always leave lots of marks on theirs lovers. For [ profile] andrea_deer .

March 12, 2010
Prompt: Supernatural, Dean/Castiel, Dean is knocked out and left in the snow to freeze; Cas finds him and takes care of him. For [ profile] sycophantastic .

March 21, 2010.
Prompt: Supernatural; Castiel/Dean, Sam; Sam can't believe Dean is in an asexual relationship. For [ profile] phate_phoenix .

March 26, 2010
Prompt: Supernatural, Bobby, Singer Salvage becomes Bobby's Home for Supernatural-Related Orphans after the Apocalypse. For [ profile] gypsydancergirl .

May 11, 2010
Prompt: Supernatural/Dark Angel, Logan/Alec (Winchesters), Logan remembers the men who saved him just before the Pulse. For [ profile] tigriswolf .

Blades for Anonymous at the Halloween/Autumn [ profile] hoodie_time meme. Dean/Lisa h/c.

January 7, 2011

Prompt: Supernatural, Sam/Gabriel, any. Once upon a time, Sam tried to Bind a Trickster. For [info]owleyes_arisen



The Sound of Your Own Wheels

In which Dean breaks into the Leverage headquarters, Hardison is concerned, and Eliot doesn't want to talk about it. Dean/Eliot.


Space Between
It's been a month, and Greg's never been good at apologizing. Nick/Greg.


Where You Start
Even when you get away, it's hard to leave some things behind.
Warnings: Child abuse, mild OCD, angst

Eagle Eye

Ten Years
Ethan was the one with the rocket strapped to his back, but there's always more to the story.


Bring Your Alibis
Everybody gets into the life somehow. Eliot-centric.
Warnings: Violence

Same Old Song
Five things the Leverage team know about each other. A brief character study.

Down in Flames

There are things Eliot knows how to deal with, and things he doesn't. Coda to 'The Gone Fishing Job'. Eliot/Hardison.


shake dreams from your hair

When it comes to the end of the world, sometimes there's no such thing as a take-back.


...and my spirit is crying for leaving
American Idol
Some things are still the same. Adam/Kris.
Warnings: Post-apocalyptic wasteland. Pointlessness. Real Person Slash.

Break into Me

American Idol
The world ends, but that's really just the beginning. Adam/Kris.
Warnings: Character death, violence, the end of the world. And fluff. IDEK.

to case the promised land

High school AU. Jensen's heading to LA, and Jared is kind of slow on the uptake. J2.
Warnings: Homophobia, minor violence and sexual references, underage drinking and drug use.

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